Save the rest of my Soul

(youtube / BRMC: Beat the devil’s tatoo)

That’s the way it has to be. Drums, that sound like drenched in mud and dirt, the singer’s timbre just fits the mood of the melody and the lyrics complete the atmosphere. Together it just sounds great. Snotty, pounding forward, I really wish to hear something like this out of the annoying speakers everywhere. But the video sucks, i got to agree.

(youtube / The Kills: Black Balloon)

In the same way i can’t imagine that it took so long for the sound of “The Kills” to come out of my shitty, little speakers. I miss my good ol’ NAD-ELTAX combi pretty much. And a bar / club here, where they don’t just have one old CD all over every week again. The bands percussions are more often accomplished by drum-machines, but nonetheless somehow it’s just pure Rock’n Roll what you can hear in the end. Reminds many people, maybe that’s a public “hidden agenda” by the artists, of Velvet Underground and many others. That’s why it is really great!

I am really thankful for the pure existence of things like often used and well-known video-platforms, but why the heck do all vids never ever can be scaled to the same size?

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  1. Von BRMC habe ich für nen paar Minuten in Shibuya ins Album gehört. Leider hatte ich keine Zeit mehr. Hätte gern mehr gehört!

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